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Spa Retreats

Spa Retreats

Lift Your Spirit

A touch of peace and quiet to lift anyone’s spirit. Indulge your body with an 80 min Massage style of choice followed by a Hydrating facial Therapy with 100% Collagen Mask to re-hydrate your skin.  2.5 Hours $275


Spa Revival

Breathe life back into your body with a aromatic sea exfoliation followed by a 50 min massage of choice, then whilst cocooned enjoy the Vitamin C illuminating facial treatment to give radiance and vitality back to your skin, your complete revival finishes with a creative foot therapy treatment and polish. 3.5 Hours   $350


Diamond Spa Signature Treatment - Surrender


An innovative new approach to body work that allows your therapist to determine your individual needs to give optimum results. The “Surrender” experience begins with a consultation and a careful choice of blended aromatherapy oils which are massaged into the back, neck, shoulders and legs before you enjoy a facial therapy treatment.

Choice of blends include:

  • VITALITY - Mandarin, nutmeg, lime and lemon
  • RELAX - Lavender, sandalwood, patchouli, violet and ylang-ylang
  • ACTIVE - Spearmint, clary sage and cinnamon
  • SVELTE - Cedarwood, juniper and lavender
  • AQUA - Gerannium, patchouli and coriander.
 110 Minutes $235


Exfoliation Rituals

Aromatic Sea Exfoliation

High in algae and dead sea salt, this stimulating exfoliant re-mineralizes, increases blood circulation and detoxes.
30 Minutes $70


Vitamin C Exfoliation with Coconut and Papaya

An invigorating body scrub that smells divine, a luxurious texture that melts into the body, leaving the skin refreshed and silky.
 30 Minutes $70