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Hair Removal Treatments

Hair Removal Treatments


• Increases absorption of Skincare
• Gently Exfoliates Skin 
• Primes skin for Peels
• Creates healthier, more radiant appearance
• Removes peachy vellous hair 

What is Dermaplaning? 

Dermaplaning is a treatment where a surgical blade is used to gently exfoliate the top layer of dead skin cells and removes fine facial hair commonly known as “peach fuzz”.  This procedure is guaranteed to give your skin a more radiant smoother appearance, allowing a nicer application of makeup and better penetration of skincare products. 
Dermaplaning can be used in conjunction with peels and Ipl Skin Rejuvenation to optimise results. 

Questions & Answers 

Dermaplaning is ideal for women of all skin types and colours who are interested in improving the health and appearance of their skin.  

Will it make the hair on my face grow back thicker and darker? 

No. There are different types of hair that grow on the body;  Vellus hair and Terminal hair.
Vellus hair is found on most areas of the body except palms, soles, lips and genital areas, whereas terminal hairs are found on the scalp, underarms and pubic region. The soft and fine vellus hair grows back at the same rate and texture.   

Is the treatment safe? 

This treatment is extremely safe when performed by a skilled trained aesthetician.  There is also no downtime associated with this procedure.   

Does it hurt? 

Dermaplaning is painless yet very effective, a gentle stretching and scraping motion is used to remove dead skin cells and vellus hair. There are risks of cuts on the skin, however they are small and very minor as the pressure used for Dermaplaning cannot cause a deep cut. These nicks and scrapes can heal up within 24-48 hours. 

How long is the treatment? How often can I have it done? 

Dermaplaning takes approximately between 45-60  minutes and can be performed every 4 weeks. The treatment itself removes approximately 21 days worth of dead skin so it is important to let your skin rejuvenate before your next appointment. It can take longer if we incorporate enzymes, masks, infusions, and LED light therapy. Your aesthetician will help you determine the right combination for your skin. 

How Soon Will I See Results? 

Your results are immediate. That is one of the great things about Dermaplaning. No downtime and no waiting to look your best. This is the perfect treatment before a social event! 

What Are The Benefits of Dermaplaning? 

• Immediate improvement in skin tone
• Your skin will be softer to the touch and smoother in appearance
• You’ll enjoy a brighter complexion with a more youthful glow
• Active ingredients in skin care product penetrate more deeply improving skin health
• Smooth application of makeup
• Great for all skin types and colors
• Will not aggravate broken capillaries.
• Helps reduce blackheads and enlarged pores
• Unlike waxing, can be performed on clients using Retinols
• Minimal risk of post-procedure breakouts
• There is no downtime

Dermaplaning $140

Dermaplaning + Peel $155

Dermaplaning + IPL Skin Rejuvenation $275

Add on LED Light Therapy $25

dermaplanning adelaide1 

dermaplanning adelaide

Diamond Glide IPL Hair Removal - IPL Course pay for 5 get 6th free

  • Lip $45
  • Chin $45
  • Lip & Chin $70
  • Underarm $65
  • 1/2 Arm $140
  • Full Arm $195
  • Bikini  $80
  • Bikini xx  $95
  • Bikini xxx  $115
  • Full Leg $250
  • 1/2 Lower Leg $170
  • Chest & Stomach $250


  • 15mins treatment minimum $50
  • 20mins treatment $60
  • 30mins treatment $74
  • Numbing cream (allow an extra 15mins) $8
  • Broken Capillary treatment from $85
  • Using ballet disposable needles.
  • Pay for 5 get 6th Free





  • Upper Lip or Chin $20
  • Eye Brow Wax $21
  • Sides of Face $25
  • Lip & Brows $36
  • Lip, Brows & Chin $48



  • Bikini Line $30
  • XX Wax $40
  • XXX Wax $55
  • Stomach $20



  • Underarm Wax $22
  • Full Arm Wax $42
  • Forearm Wax $30



  • ½ Lower Leg Wax $35
  • ¾ Leg Wax $42
  • Full Leg $50
  • Top ½ Leg Wax $40
  • ½ Upper Leg including Bikini Line $63
  • ¾ Leg Wax & Bikini Line $65
  • Full Leg & Bikini Line $73
  • Full Leg & XXX Bikini Line $92