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Face Treatments

Face Treatments

Germaine de Capuccini products have been exclusively chosen offering an exquisite range of results driven facial treatments, indulgent spa body treatments and home care products.

With your wellbeing in mind Germaine de Capuccini has created a series of facial, body and massage therapies.

Our treatments incorporate principles of modern knowledge & ancient wisdom to provide a sense of wellbeing and tranquility, paving the way to balanced living.


A cure for sensitive skins, using exclusive ingredients designed to re-balance and improve the skin's resistance, with probiotic properties that strengthens the skins barrier function. 60 Minutes  $115


Royal Jelly

Sensitive, dehydrated all skin This intensive treatment helps where is the skins resistant to environmental pollution, humidity and other factors which leads to loss of resilience. Royal jelly builds up protection and normalises the skins functions.
Add an LED $60
70 Minutes $155


Hydracure Advanced Hydrating Treatment - Dehydrated, Dry, All Skins

Hydracure protects the skin from dehydration and climatic excesses and helps strengthen it’s natural resistance against the signs of premature ageing. This high performance facial
increases balance and helps to increase and maintain the optimal hydration levels day after day, revealing luminosity, smoothness and comfort.
Add LED $60
60 Minutes  $145


Germaine De Capuccini Classic Prescriptive Facial

Ideal as an introductory facial tailored for any skin concerns. A perfect combination of cleanse, exfoliation and massage.
Add LED $60
60 Minutes $115


Time Expert C+ Anti Glycation Treatment

An advanced anti glycation facial utilising the benefits of UME extract to fight against the damaged elastin and collagen fibres caused by sugar and UV radiation. Additional vitamin C irritative provides a powerful antioxidant Protection offering luminosity and radiance for the skin.
Add LED $60
70 Minutes $150


Synergy Facial Booster


A treatment booster to optimise any Germaine de Capuccini facial. 

Hyaluronic - Dehydrated/Dry skins to optisimise water levels.

Vitamin C - All skins. A powerful antioxidant for clarity, reduces melanin activity and regenerates cells.

Pure Collagens - Dry/Matured skins. Perfect for lines, wrinkles and hydration

Double Balancing - Acne/Rosacea combination skins. A sebum-regulating, antibacterial serum to normalize the skin which also reduces the symptons of rosacea, sensitivity and redness. 



LED Light Therapy 20 Minutes


A non-invasive light therapy that works on a cellular level change snooze, regenerate, calm, fights acne and rosacea and targets sun cells by photo stimulating chemical blood flow to create healing and regeneration of your skin so you're always looking refreshed

Add to a facial $60
40 minutes facial treatment alone $90