Germaine de Capuccini Skin Care Treatments

Germaine de Capuccini products have been exclusively chosen offering an exquisite range of results driven facial treatments, indulgent spa body treatments and home care products.  With your wellbeing in mind Germaine de Capuccini has created a series of facial, body and massage therapies.  Our treatments incorporate principles of modern knowledge & ancient wisdom to provide a sense of wellbeing and tranquility, paving the way to balanced living.



For the most delicate

With the use of natural cortisone ingredients such as liquorice this treatment is guaranteed to give results to those clients who suffer from rosacea, couperose, erythema on cheeks or general sensitivity and redness.



Amour for men

This treatment is rich in vitamin C for the elimination of toxins and to enhance the skins luminosity, fighting wrinkles, skin fatigue and symptoms of premature aging.



Vitamin C illuminating treatment

Using an advanced formula of vitamin C this illuminating treatment makes the skin glow! Revitalizing skin cells with intense energy and in turn increasing vitality, reducing fine lines and wrinkles and making even the dullest skin luminous and radiant.



Hydracure Advanced hydrating treatment

Hydracure protects the skin from dehydration and climatic excesses and helps strengthen it's natural resistance against the signs of premature ageing. This high performance facial increases balance and helps to increase and maintain the optimal hydration levels day after day, revealing luminosity, smoothness and comfort.



Germaine de Capuccini classic facial

Ideal as an introductory prescriptive treatment, tailored to suit individual skin types.



Glycocure Peel

Glycocure - 24.5% AHA a renewing cosmetic intervention to prepare the skin for other treatments and active ingredients. This peeling system improves fine lines, congestion, pigmentation and skin suppleness.





Advanced Skin Treatments

Germaine de Capuccini Synergyage treatments are a cosmeceutical line that can be combined with diamond machines to prevent, protect and correct imperfections of the skin, these treatments offer clinical solutions for problematic skin conditions. A weekly recommended course of 6 treatments are combined with IPL, microdermabrasion, oxygen infusion and other medical aesthetic treatments to achieve maximum results for your condition.

Acne or oily/skin with breakouts

This treatment works on strengthening the skins natural resistance, regulating sebum, reducing inflammation and inhibiting bacteria formation. Skin Treatment + Diamond Machine + double action balancing booster + Mask



a treatment to break down pigment spots by reducing the synthesis of melanin and fading to colourless spots. Skin Treatment - Diamond Machine + Ultra Clarifying Booster + Mask


Dull / devitalised Skin

For stressed skins or skin suffering from aging caused by sun damage. This treatment includes essential vitamins A,C,E and B. Stimulating lower levels of the skin to combat the formation of free radicals and restore damaged skin from excessive skin exposure. Skin Treatment + Diamond Machine + Multi Vitamin Concentrate + Mask


Anti-wrinkle and lack of firmness

this treatment stimulates collagen giving a network for a firmer, denser skin. Skin Treatment - Diamond Machine + Global Collagen or Bio-RDS Retinol + Mask


Dehydration and dryness

this works on the two main causes of skin dryness: dehydration (water deficiency) and malnutrition (lipid deficiency). Skin Treatment + Diamond Machine + Hyaluronic Booster + Mask


Rosacea and sensitivity

this works on reducing symptoms of acne rosacea, sensitivity and extreme redness. Skin Treatment + Diamond Machine + Hyaluronic Booster or Double action balancing + Mask


Individual treatments and courses of 6 are available.


Synergyage Booster Treatments

$30 per ampoule

Global collagen

a serum for aged skin and deep wrinkles.




provides the skin with hydration and smoothness.



Double action balancing

a sebum-regulating, antibacterial serum to normalize the skin also reduces the symptoms of rosacea, sensitivity and redness.



Multi-vitamin concentrate

essential vitamins for the skin A, C, E, B to regulate pigmentation, restores damaged skins and helps build up a protective barrier to restore a radiant skin.



Ultra clarifying

a Vitamin C based serum to reduce pigmentation and melanin activity that is anti-oxidizing, regenerating and hydrating.



Bio-RDS Retinol

a renewing concentrate that reduces wrinkle depth providing a smoother, firmer more luminous appearance to the skin.



Deep Enzyme Peel

for a congested skins, sun damaged skin or to give the skin a boost.




Advanced Eye treatments

Hydrating eye treatment

A treatment to reduce dark circles, puffiness and dehydration, this treatment is combined with biomesosculpture and a hylauronic eye mask to aid lymphatic drainage to give you brighter looking eyes. Recommended as a course of 5, once weekly



Lifting and Firming eye treatment

To lift and increase firmness, we incorporate the Hollywood lift toning treatment to fully contour the eye area. Recommended as a course of 10, twice weekly



Collagen Eye Mask

To plump, hydrate and reduce wrinkle depth.