Softap – Permanent Makeup


L.A. lips

Your lips will look perfect because we draw the shape to suit your face.   Make them fuller or a prettier shape, in any colour. They will be designed with symmetry, and natural color to naturally define and enhance.  The lip procedures are:

Lip line definer to define and extend past the natural contour to give definition and fullness to the lip. Lip blush to softly define the outline which is blended softly about halfway in to the lip area to give an amazing natural look. Volumising lip tint to define the contour slightly and naturally outside the border to give an impression of fullness with a hint of color applied to the middle of the lip for a natural looking lip tint.

‘WOW’ brows

Every day more than 60% of women use an eyebrow pencil to try and give a natural looking brow or to fill in gaps. Designing faces ink achieves this natural looking brow by infusing fine strokes of natural pigments to simulate natural eyebrow hair, or by coloring soft natural blends of color to simulate fine pencil like symmetry and definition using the designing faces ink technique to balance brows, coloring in layers in soft natural shades to make a natural brow enhancement. This technique will bring out the beauty in your face. Now you can look your very best all the time the choice is yours.













Choose between

Colormist eyebrows

This crates a soft impression of shadow on the brow similar to the effect created by a pencil or powder suitable for people who have eyebrows but desire

Better shaping and definition

Hairstroke eyebrows

This will replicate the appearance of fine eyebrow hairs,  ideal for people who have thin or sparse hair growth and will look natural and simulate natural hairs.

Designer liner

For eyes with the wow factor giving a bright natural enhancement to give the look of whiter whites of eyes and thicker lashes giving subtle definition or that wide awake  exotic looking eye.  Ideal for people with busy lives, sporty people, or to extend look of eyes to perfect and define in lots of gorgeous colors especially black.

Choose from thin eyeliner – a thin outline is shaded through the lashes and extends from the first to the last lash. Thick eyeliner – similar to above, but the line broadens towards the outer eye to create a wide eyed exotic look.